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For Parents

A snack can be healthy and tasty too! If you see the Biosaurus logo, you can be sure that this food is healthy. You can give them to your children and the whole family.

Our snacks are Gluten Free Certified, so even people with coeliac disease can consume it. It doesn't contain trans fat or cholesterol. Thanks to being produced on low temperature the crunchies are rich in minerals and vitamins.

Biosaurus brand have the Non-GMO Certification, so the used raw materials are not genetically manipulated. We protect the world - our environment -, since Genetically Modified Organisms have not been proven safe for human or animal consumption.

Moreover we offer organic product for You: agricultural ingredients are organic, no artificial additives or chemicals are used, neither during growing nor production.

Now we have three kinds of baked organic corn crunchies in our selection. Igor is deliciously cheesy, Babe is harmoniously ketchupped and Junior, is our sea salt flavored product. All three snacks contain significantly less fat than a traditional snack.

Our snack is kids‘ favorite, because it’s not just healthy and tasty, but the funny dinos entertaining too. Let your children play!

How Biosuarus dinos are made

As it is an organic food, naturally only organic ingredients are used that are grown by biofarmers who we know well and supply us with first rate organic ingredients.

The corn and other ingredients are ground to flour in our own mills and knead to dough. We shape them into dino figures and bake them on low temperature (extrudate), so the precious minerals and vitamins are not lost.

Finally we spice it - naturally we exclude any artificial materials. The whole process is realized by using the most up-to-date technology, along with the strictest quality control.

We make sure our consumers know exactly what our products are made of. You can read further details about the ingredients, nutrition values and certificates here.